Beginners Guide for Boxing Star


Today the world is filled with lots of action games and Boxing Star is one of them. The game is the best online multiplayer game. More than thousands of players play it every day and from different parts of the world. Boxing Star contains different types of characters, skills, gears and so many other items. The game is developed and published by Four Thirty Three Inc. It is easily available at Apple store and Play store for Apple and Android users at free of cost.

Guide for Skills


Following are some various types of skills which are used most in the game –


  • How to use skills – To use the skills one should prefer the skill menu and press the skill set button. There you provide with the list of skills like uppercut, jab, hook, and stance, etc. If the users want to equip the required skill, then they must tap on the equip button.
  • Ways to activate skills – By tapping on the skill button, you can see the chances of activation. To activate the required skills one should attack their opponents with that skill which they want to activate. Like if the user wants to activate jab skill than he must attack the enemy with jab moves.
  • Methods to upgrade skills – The most important thing which is required to upgrade your character’s skills is the skill points. Skill points can earn by train your character by pressing the training button. To earn more points, you have to unlock more and more slots.

Guide for Gears

Below are some important guides about the gears which are used in the game –

  • How to use gears – In it if the gamers want to equip the gears than they must go to the gear menu and tap on the required gear and also choose a slot.
  • How to adopt – It refers to various parts of the game as to obtain the gears – gloves or protective you need to do some things which are as follow:

o    Start and play the story mode

o    Complete and win all objectives and matches

o    Users have to open the packages as a reward or bonus

  • Upgrade gears – To upgrade the gear you need, tap on the required gear and press the upgrade button. Once you select and upgrade the new item, the old one is automatically left. Gears help you in a fight well in the ring.

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