Episode-Choose your Story- How to Get Started and Make your own Story

Episode-Choose your Story- How to Get Started and Make your own Story

Episode-Choose your Story- How to Get Started and Make your own Story

This game is basically a simulation based platform game. The game is developed by Episode Interactive and Pocket Gems. When it comes to size of this game, it comes in so handy and takes up very less of your phone’s space and runs easily on a compactable device. This game is all about playing stories and choosing decisions. If you want start to easy game, i recommendent try Episode Cheats.

The first three episodes are free for all and for the next coming episodes you have to pay using in-game currencies or one can simply buy it using real money. Anyone who is new to this game has to face some issues while playing for the very first time. So we have come up with a guide for all of you beginners which will help you get started and earn celebrity status easily and make some cool strategies while playing the game.


Steps to Get Started

Step 1: First of all you have to download this game on your pocket platform i.e. Android or iOS, the game takes up to 170MB in iOS and in Android devices it depends upon your device.

Step2: Now that you have installed the game on your device. It’s time to set up your profile by answering 3 simple questions which are

1)      Your Favourite Movie

2)      Favourite Place

3)      Favourite Actor

Step3: Choose your Character’s name and appearance to get started and you can simply tap on randomize and it will randomly make your character or you make your own desired appearance to your character.

Step4: Connect your social network account with this game and it has to be your Facebook or Google Plus account. It will help you to save your progress and you can connect with your friends and share your own stories or start playing stories made by your social friends.

How to make fabricate your own Story

It isn’t that easy when it comes to story making, if you haven’t done story writing before than it can be tough. However, this app can bring the hidden talent out of you. There is nothing to worry about while making your own story as no one is going to eat you up for that. Simply relax your mind and body and try some cool ideas to make up an interesting story.

Here are some Steps that one can follow to make up a story on their own:-

·         User has to be aged 13 or more in order to make a story else it won’t be published.

·         Try making stories with less number or episodes. A three episode containing story is said to be perfect.

·         Once you’ve start making up your story, try adding more choices to your story. Yes, this can give you a hard time but your audience will find it much more interesting while playing your story.


·         Interact with more and more people by different means and let them know about your stories and inform them about the new tale.

·         Make your stories denser in order to gain much attention from the users.

·         Once you’ve gained popularity. Try making stories on a daily basis because once you start delaying, you won’t find much readers.

·         Try looking for attention seeking words such as exotic, heroic look and many more. These words can help to spice up your Story and users will find it more interesting.



Bottom Line

This game has a great game play overall and one can follow the tips mentioned above. I hope you will find these tips helpful to start easily.