Fantastic methods to have fun in episode choose your story

Fantastic methods to have fun in episode choose your story

There are many games that you can enjoy in your free time in facebook. But you will hardly find something interesting like episode choose your story game. It will give you a chance to live your past life one more time and have great fun.

There are many chances of playing the game at your choice in the virtual world. Rigid games with the fix platforms are no longer in the current trend. Now you can have unlimited fun and entertainment with the games like episode choose your story cheats.

Simple to play and start

Concept and features of the “episode choose your story” are very interesting. You can have great fun and other great things in this game. The developers have made this game very interesting. They have given a chance for everyone to write something meaning and interesting.

There are many ways you can modify various things in this game. You can change the costume and other things of the game and have fun.

Choose the appropriate story

1-    The best part is that different stories are available and you can choose the most relevant story. There you will be getting chance to do modifications in the present story and make it more interesting and related to you.

2-    You can also change the look and appearance of your characters. You can design their costumes and other items as well. This way you will be having unlimited controlling on the entire game and there is nothing which is rigid and out of your control.

3-    The best part is that you can make everything interesting for you. You can easily spend a couple of hours on playing this game.

Earn more passes

1-    Earning passes is the most crucial thing that you will find in the episode choose your story game.

2-    Every story is divided into various episodes. In every episode, there is some task allotted to you.

3-    You are expected to clear the episode and move ahead. You will need passes to move ahead and live the life which you always wanted.

4-    You can earn passes in many ways but one thing that you should always remember that do login in your account on the daily basis.

Earn daily passes

Now you must be wondering about the benefits of doing the login to your gaming account on the daily basis. Well, in the starting the application will be prompting you to rate it. You should spend some time to rate the application because for this you will be given extra passes.

Write story to have more resources

1-    The player can also earn passes through many ways. Writing story is the best method for earning a huge number of passes. But here some conditions are applicable.

2-    You must make the story so interesting that everyone should love it. For this, you will need to have completely different characters with new names, various locations and a new thing to tell about.

3-    It is possible that people will love your story and you will be getting many passes as rewards.

There is no doubt that you should find the easiest methods to get the audience for the story that you have written. You should always start with social media friends. It is quite possible that after that you will be getting popular soon.