Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery – A Basic Guide For Beginners

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery – A Basic Guide For Beginners

Are you excited to play Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery? If yes then there are many other game lovers who want to play this game. There are many interesting features and gameplay elements that are making it more popular among the countless gamers from all over the world.  First of all, you can create your own avatar and also able to play the whole game with it. It is also one of the interesting features that will also motivate you to start playing the game. There are many in-game items that you can purchase from the game store in order to customize your own character in the game by trying Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats

Players also have an option to move their character from one place to another. You can also boost the performance of your character by leveling up and revealing the new outfits. There are many other features offered by the game developers that can also fall you in love with it. 

Level up the friendship

You may don’t know about all the important gameplay elements so it is important to check out the different aspects related to the game. There are many characters in the game with you can interact and also level up the friendship. With the help of this thing, they can also join you in some quest to provide you assistance. The amazing benefit of leveling up of friendship is that you can easily earn some free gems to use. It is also important to make your bond strong with friends that also have a great importance in the game.

You can see that there are many side quests available in the game that you can complete. An icon of a handshake can also be seen above some quests. It is also the right method to level up your friendship with other characters. Here, you also need to answer some important questions asked by them.  

What’s about attribute?

In this game, you also have an option to view the attributes of your friends which is simple and easy. For this, you just need to tap on the icon of the avatar. You can easily check out that in which category they fall under. There are many categories available such as courage, knowledge, empathy etc. Players who have more attribute points can easily level up the friendship and gain lots of benefits that are amazing.  Players can also unlock more dialogue options in the game that are also beneficial.

There are only a few chances to strengthen the bond of friendship with your friends. Always try to take the benefits of these opportunities to enhance your game experience. 

More facts

There are some other friendship quests for which you have to spend coins that are the primary currency of the game.  Well, it is not difficult to earn coins in the game so you can spend it wherever you want without thinking too much. In order to complete some friendship quests, players need to complete some side quests available in the game, so try now this game.