How to get a high amount of currency in the Game of Sultans?


The games come in many kinds of new concepts, and the internet is full of many kinds of theme. Most of the people are attracting with historical theme based game. In recent time one of the trendy games is Game of Sultans. Anyone has a fantasy for living the life of a king so why you are waiting just starts the journey of the king. The game is all about expanding the empire and in which you will meet with beautiful women.  Resources and currency are important things for running a big empire, and all the commodities are purchasable with the currency. Free tools are very useful for making the currency Game of Sultans Cheats. Along by playing the game, we can collect much amount of currency.

More about the currency

In the game, two main currencies are used namely Diamonds and coins. It is very challenging for grabbing the currency and but the game provides many ways. The player should know about all the ways for getting the currencies. Every task is giving you some kinds of rewards and coins. Coins are a good currency for purchasing many things.

Daily free bonus

The player has to go on the daily free coins and diamonds. The amount of currency in daily bonus is not much, but in the beginning, it is sufficient. It is not permanent, and it is only active to first 20 days, and after it, you will go with other ways.

Login with social sites

In the game two login ways are present, and you must go with facebook login and get some new free offers. In which the player can share the link or his achievements on the social website and attract the friends for playing the game.

Purchase by real money

Diamonds and coins are purchasable currency, and you pay some real money for it.  We can get lots of currency, and it depends on how much money we spend. The second freeway is Game of Sultans Cheats, and it is free for everyone.




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