Kayaking: Most Exciting Water sport

Kayaking: Most Exciting Water sport


Westmarine kayak refers to a tiny water vehicle that is set off by dual blades paddle. “Kayak” refers to a Greenlandic word which means a “hunter’s boat”. Nowadays, mostly, each kayak has one deck and a cockpit. Sometimes, the cockpit is designed in such a way, that it prevents the flow of heavy water to reach the kayak person; hence, it is easy for the kayaker to spin the kayak comfortably.

More Detailed Information Regarding Kayaking

What is the best kayak for a beginner? Well, before moving on to it, the age of kayaks is assumed to be about 4k years. Traditionally, kayaks were used on the inland lakes and areas of Arctic Ocean, North Atlantic, Bering Sea and North Pacific Oceans. They were made from animals’ skins, mainly Seal or from Whale’s skeleton. The costumes for kayaking were stitched by the wives of the respective developer of the kayak. In addition, wood was also utilised by Southern Alaskan people to build it. “Bidarka” was built by Southern Alaskan Eskimos, with dual or treble cockpits, typically for practices such as hunting and carrying voyagers or inventory.

Traditionally, it had one or more than one cockpits, each for one paddler and a covered deck. The primitive kayaks are kept in State Museum of Ethnology.

Thrilling spots for Kayaking

As the temperature keeps on rising, habitual of travelling and start searching for new and exotic locations for doing exciting practices. Some of the tempting locations, which will help you out to learn about what is the best kayak for a beginner:

Greenland: Fjord is a long and narrow, lake kind of water body, surrounded by vertical edges on both sides, generated by Glaciers. As everyone is aware of the fact, Greenland is the located in the Arctic, making it one of the most chilling regions of the world. It is quite breath taking to perform kayaking in Greenland, in the warm months of May and June.

Fiji Islands: Fiji, situated in the Southern Pacific Ocean, an archipelago consisting of 332 islands, is the most exciting tourist spot since few years. The tranquil waters of South Pacific make it so relaxing for kayaking in the heat of summers.

Galapagos Islands: Located in the Pacific Ocean, near Ecuador in South America, composed of numerous islands and islets are best places for adventurous sports like kayaking.

Crete, Greece: Being the largest Greek Island, Crete’s crystal clear waters have always been a great tourist spot since many years and a fine place for kayaking.