myClub:  The most popular mode in PES 2019



Konami releases his fantastic creation with the name of PES 2019. Millions of user engaged with this game since it’s released. PES 2019 will release soon on December for android and windows. The sharp visual graphics makes a real virtual game. You feel the ambient of football stadiums just sitting on your sofa and playing with it. konami’s developers’ done wonderful works on the game player.

The most popular mode of PES 2019 is my club. It provides you facility of making your own club.

Objectives of PES 2019

First, you focus on some tutorial to start PES 2019. Before this, you will not begin to think of your objectives. When you see the tutorial, you see the myclub mode records screen. In myclub it’s all about to your player. Your main purpose is maintaining your club with rewards and some events. This one objective gives you the best start.

New manager in myclub

Managers increase your skill levels in myclub. You have to hire a manager with excellent skills. He manages you all team members. The manager plays a vital role in myclub, he takes the right decision for the team. With a good manager, you earn some GP or some rewards points for your myclub in PES Cheats 2019. You can use myclub coins to hire the best manager.

Weekly PES league of myclub

Some match leagues and club event happen time on time in myclub mode. Train your squad team wisely, before any league. First, you have to finish ten ranked matches in myclub then you join the weekly PES league. Win the match, and you will get some points.

Train your player in myclub

In myclub, you have to responsible for train your players. Particular trainer and some fitness experts train your player an eye on it. You can build your squad most powerful and energetic. And when they trained, they perform extreme performance in the match ground. Your team will be a winner of any PES league.

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