Nikon Coolpix B500 digital camera: 11 Features and 6 Benefits

Nikon Coolpix B500 digital camera: 11 Features and 6 Benefits

Are you looking for a camera which provides the entire essential features for recording a vlog? So, why don’t you try nikon coolpix b500 for vlogging, the camera is used taking pictures, vlogging, and many other aspects. The camera is designed to fit perfectly in hands and deliver several features and benefits.


  • The high CMOS sensor controls the 16-megapixel camera for unblemished shots
  • The central length of 35mm takes into consideration immaculate close-up shots
  • It has the 80x advanced zoom and 40x optical zoom
  • The 3-inch LCD can tilt to permit shots at odd edges
  • The ground-breaking NIKKOR 3.0-6.5mm focal point will never expect you to purchase an additional focal point
  • It can record top-quality recordings at 30 outlines for every second
  • It sports NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth availability for brisk record sharing
  • Clients can upgrade pictures effortlessly with the 18 diverse scene modes
  • The vibration decrease innovation changes the focal point amid precarious conditions to give you enduring and perfect shots
  • Clients can control it utilizing their cell phones
  • Primary batteries are exceptionally recommendable for durable execution


  • The best thing about the camera is that it can easily fit on everyone hand and provide a professional shoot.
  • The sensor and 16mp camera are fabulous as of now, yet it’s the two kinds of zooms that issue.
  • You can zoom into the articles 40x utilizing the optical zoom highlight.
  • It is not close enough; you can use the electronic zoom for an extra 40x zoom.
  • When taking photographs at odd points turns into a test, utilize the tilting highlight of its 3-inch LCD.
  • The incredible NIKKOR focal point will never give you a chance to miss your old outside focal points.

These are some features and benefits Nikon CoolPix B500 digital camera which makes you more clearly in buying.

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