Shadow Fight 3 – Choice Of Smart Players

Shadow Fight 3 – Choice Of Smart Players

Shadow Fight 3 – Choice Of Smart Players

There are hundreds of role-playing games in the market. However shadow fight 3 is having its special place in the market. It is the game which is developed by the NEKKI. The game is compatible to run on the IOS and Android supported devices. It even contains ads, which can further be used in the manner to grab game resources. It even has the option of in-app purchases for the interested candidates. Terming the game as best in its category would not be wrong. It has easily overtaken all the games of the same genre till now.

Don’t get too far

It is a suggestion to the entire player that it’s never good to get the duel rating so up that it’s not possible for fighter rating to catch up. However, it is quite tempting to stay on levelling up the duelling if enjoying the winning one regular basis. Yet the fact cannot be declined that duel rating will get so high in the comparison of fighter rating. Therefore it is a suggestion to stop once all the four chests when they are full. All the masters keep this tip in mind to enjoy the game.

What are the best weapons?

The weapons are playing a major role, either the player is winning or losing; it depends upon the weapon. Therefore the most rated question is – which weapon to go for. Well, there are several weapons and each of them is having their own specifications. Therefore every weapon is good in a specific kind of situation. However, there are some basic names and categories that can help the player in almost every situation. The staffs are good for making long-ranged attacks. It allows the player to hit quite hard with the quickness. On the flip side; spear type weapons are quite hard to learn. The best part about them is – they can do heavy attacks on the enemy by consuming a great level of HP.

The tip to beat sarge

Sarge is the final boss of the first stage. He is the complete package of the power; he holds one hammer in each hand. As it is a story line – the boss states to have a fair fight. He asks you to close you shadow powers at once and do the same. Once you have reached the next level, the boss cheats on you and turns on all the shadow powers of him. The player needs to fight him in that way only as no option to activate shadow powers is there.

Fighting to the boss in this way and grabbing win is little difficult. Well, the tip found out by professionals is – the player can attack the boss even when in shadow mode. The player should make surety of staying a little far from the boss.  Hence going with the spear, staff and a long sword in the battle is a perfect option left with the person. In case the player would be going close to the boss, the chance of winning diminishes.

Last words

It is the complete guide to the beginners who want to play this game and master it. There are millions of players playing this game, stating the bright side of the game. It is categorised under the role-playing category. At last, I just want to say; download this game in your device and undoubtedly you would be able to enjoy the best gameplay ever. My opinion towards this game is – big thumbs up. Therefore I would like to promote with Shadow Fight 3 Hack amongst the other digital game lovers for having a better experience.